I have 7 years experience in the AEC industry, including 5 years of development. Now I’m foucus on building BIM applicaton to help engineers work more efficiently and more accurately. With the engineering experience, I can understand what the user needs most.

Familiar with open source, has contributed to OSS such as AntDesignBlazor, Erda, Moonglade etc. Follow technology and development trend of AEC industry (Also the reason why I know about Speckle,Ifc.js, xBIM, etc.).


I started my career as a BIM Specialist at Ubiquitous Technology and experienced some job transfers and promotions. Most of the projects I worked on were for internal engineers and a few for sales.

Develop Manager

2022 - Present
Ubiquitous Technology, GuangZhou
  • Leading the R&D team, involved designing and implementing infrastructure, optimize workflow
  • Implementing complex algorithms of engineering problem
  • Provided technical support, training to clients

Senior Software Engineer

2018 - 2021
Ubiquitous Technology, GuangZhou
  • Developed multiple add-in features in Revit for BIM such as data conversion, modeling, automation design, rule checking tool, etc.
  • Developed 3D rendering application for visualize data form different teams and software
  • Proficient in Revit API, BIM data format, C# & WPF

BIM Specialist

2016 - 2017
Ubiquitous Technology, GuangZhou
  • Create, analyze, and manage various 2D/3D models and BIM tools for multiple goals, including proposal submittals, preconstruction services, MEP coordination, constructability analysis
  • Research of BIM automation workflow, implementation Dynamo automation script


Here's a quick look of some projects I've worked on. If you are interested, please contact me.

A real-time 3D Model collaboration hub. A project try to resolve interoperability and collaboration like Speckle's, has a WPF application that can be used as a server hub and Real-time rendering (using HelixToolkit), real-time data transfer via SignalR with Revit/Naviswork connectors.
A generative design software provide intelligent business assessment for customers to site selection. The core algorithm is implemented around Decision Tree. Use Asp.Net Core backend (WTM framework) for data management, web forntend and Revit add-in for presentations.
A Revit add-in for exporting CAD drawings. Revit's DWG export setup is too simple but cannot meet the requirements of complex Chinese drawing specifications. This add-in has changed the workflow of engineers and has been well received by the BIM industry in China.
RevitLauncher integrated in the windows context menu and other useful shell component (using COM API). With automatically detect the Revit file version, support opening the file in the new process, or open in the current existing Revit process.
Ubiquitous collaborative platform
A collaborative platform for project information management and issue tracking, like Revizto. 3D Model support is based on ifcEngine & Threejs and implemented data fragmentation, compression (using Draco), rendering scene management.


Publications and patents during my work at Ubiquitous Technology.

  • 建筑工程BIM创新深度应用——BIM软件研发
  • Yf Yang, Kh Zhuang, Yf Luo, Jg Zhang
    China Architecture Publishing & Media co. ltd, ISBN: 978-7-112-25645-7, 2021
  • 一种Revit和CAD的数据交互方法、装置及系统
  • Ubiquitous Technology
    Application CN202010586984.1A
  • 一种基于Revit的BIM正向设计出图系统
  • Ubiquitous Technology
    Application CN202010455609.3A
  • 一种基于Revit的铝模板设计方法及系统
  • Ubiquitous Technology
    Application CN201910666551.4A

    Skills & Proficiency

    .Net Stack (C#/WPF/Asp.Net Core/etc.)

    AEC Software(Revit/CAD/etc.)

    Computer Graphic